Check Availability


Checks the availability of the specified domain name(s).


Name Data Type Required / Optional Description
auth-userid Integer Required Authentication Parameter
api-key String Required Authentication Parameter
domain-name Array of Strings Required Domain name(s) that you need to check the availability for
tlds Array of Strings Required TLDs for which the domain name availability needs to be checked See details

HTTP Method


Example Test URL Request


Returns a hash map containing domain name availability status for the requested TLDs:

Additional Information

Trademark Claim Process

  • Domain Availability Status (status)

    • available - domain name available for registration

    • regthroughus - domain name currently registered through the Registrar whose connection is being used to check the availability of the domain name

    • regthroughothers - domain name currently registered through a Registrar other than the one whose connection is being used to check the availability of the domain name. If you wish to manage such a domain name through your Reseller / Registrar Account, you may pass a Domain Transfer API call. See details

    • unknown - returned, if for some reason, the Registry connections are not available. You should ideally re-check the domain name availability after some time.

      • In case of Donuts TLDs, domain name availability can be checked for a maximum of 5 domain names per Donuts TLD group in one API call. Including more than 5 domain names belonging to the same Donuts TLD group in an API call will return the status as unknown for all the domain names.

        Additional Information

        Donuts TLDs

  • Trademark Claims Key (tm-claims-key) - will be returned only if the domain name is available and Trademark for that domain name is listed in the Trademark Clearinghouse database

  • Premium Names (costHash) - A hash map will be returned only if the domain is a premium name along with the pricing of the domain ("create", "renew", "transfer") and the selling currency symbol

  • Early Access Program (costHash) - A hash map will be returned only if the domain is in EAP along with the early access fee ("early_access_fee") and the selling currency symbol. The early access fee is the non-refundable component which needs to added to the selling price of the domain

  • 3rd Level .UK domain name (ror) - will be returned for an available 2nd Level .UK domain name, if the corresponding 3rd Level .UK domain name already exists. Currently, a 2nd Level .UK domain name can only be registered by the person/entity that owns the 3rd Level .UK domain name, if it already exists.


    For .UK availability check, the API call need to have only one domain name. Otherwise, the ror parameter will not be returned in the result.