Changing Name Servers of a Domain Name

In order to host a website on your domain name, you will need to obtain the Name Servers from the Web Hosting company with whom you wish to host your website and point your domain name to these Name Servers.

To Modify Name Servers of your Domain Name

  1. Contact your Web Hosting Company and find out from them the Name Servers you need to use.

    If you have purchased Web Hosting for your domain name through Warrenasia, then you need to set the Name Servers as specified by Warrenasia.

    Name Server Information 

  2. Login to your Control Panel. See details

  3. Search for the domain name and proceed to the Order Information view. See details

    About Lock / Suspension 


    If the domain name is Locked/Suspended by Warrenasia, you will have to first unlock/unsuspend it before proceeding further.

    Additional Information

    For Resellers:

  4. Click the Name Servers link.

  5. Enter upto 13 Name Servers and click Update Name Servers.


Upon modifying your domain name's Name Servers, your website would begin appearing in a web browser, after about 24 to 48 hours (provided your Web Hosting package is properly setup and you have uploaded the content of your website). This is a standard time-frame required for a process called as DNS Propagation to complete Worldwide. This process is not controlled by any one ISP/company and therefore it can not be hastened.

Name Server Modification Related Errors 

Attention (Anchor: errors)
  • If the Name Server(s) you are submitting has/have not been registered with the Registry, you will encounter the below error message:

    Name server <nameserver> is not a valid name server

    Please contact your Web Hosting Company and ask them to provide Name Servers that are valid and registered with the Registry.

  • You will encounter the below error message in case you try to set only 1 Name Server for a domain name extension that requires a minimum of 2 Name Servers:

    There should be atleast 2 Nameserver(s)

  • You will encounter the below error message in case the domain name is Locked/Suspended at the Registry (and not in our system) or an outbound Transfer for the domain name to another Registrar is under process:

    Domain Status does not allow this operation.

    You may do the following to resolve either of these cases:

    • a lock/suspension at the Registry, contact our Support Team at to know the reason for lock/suspension and how the lock/suspension may be removed.

    • an outbound Transfer, you may

      • either cancel the Transfer through link listed in the email sent to the Registrant/Administrative Contact of the domain name and then perform the required Name Server modification, or

      • wait for the Transfer to complete and then carry out the desired Name Server modification at the New Registrar.


Name Server Caveats 


Note (Anchor: notes)
  • Avoid assigning Name Servers such that a .COM and a .NET (Anchor: comrules) domain name depend upon each other for resolution, since such a configuration will not work.

    Example 1

    Lets consider the domain names and You should not assign Name Servers to these domain names as indicated below:

    • and as Name Servers

    • and as Name Servers


    The above limitation, however, is not applicable to domain names under the same TLD (extension).

    Example 2

    Both the below-mentioned configurations will work properly:

    • Configuration I:

      • and as Name Servers

      • and as Name Servers

    • Configuration II:

      • - and as Name Servers

      • - and as Name Servers

  • Due to restrictions imposed by the .COM / .NET Registry, Name Servers under .IN.NET and certain CentralNic extensions such as .BR.COM cannot be associated with a .COM / .NET domain name.

  • .ES domain names need a minimum of 2 Name Servers and can support a maximum of 7 Name Servers.

  • In case of .US (Anchor: usrules) domain names, all Name Servers must be using IP Addresses issued in the United States.

  • You may encounter a situation where you have modified the Name Servers of your Domain Name, and are viewing the cached results due to the DNS propagation delay. This issue can be addressed through the hosts file.

    Additional Information

    Modifying the hosts file